Like any boat owners we've had lots of projects. I like projects, learn lots about important things that keep us afloat and moving. Since they're almost always so much more difficult than anticipated, they often result in more satisfaction than anticipated. That's what I tell myself when I'm frustrated. I also look at how much boatyards charge per hour.

The links below go to our Picasa galleries, where we have photos and a description of the work. 

Albin AD-2 Bowman Heat Exchanger and water pump rebuild. The water pump was leaking through the weep hole, indicating it was time for a rebuild. It's a good design, where if one seal fails it lets you know via the weep hole, which would show if it's the coolant or oil side that's failed, without contaminating the other fluids.

Stuffing box, propeller shaft, and coupling work.
We had to replace the stuffing box hose, which was cracked and looked very suspect, which caused a cascade of other work like a new prop shaft, packing gland, and coupling improvements.

Exhaust elbow replacement. Our exhaust elbow was corroded and needed replacement. It ended up being a Yanmar elbow that connected to some custom SS fittings. Easy fix.

Motor mounts and engine alignment. Simple but time consuming to replace the first time, but in order to align the engine we needed to pull the motor to cut away a small part of the stringer.

Re-rigging. Pulled both masts, cleaned up all fittings, and installed new wire with Hi-Mod fittings and new turnbuckles.