Our boat is an Alberg Odyssey 30, a yawl built on the SF bay in 1969. It has heavily built, wonderful sailing fiberglass hull.

Carl Alberg designed the boat as a family cruiser that meets MORC (Midget Ocean Racing Class) standards. While many sources call this the precurser to the Alberg 30, in fact the Odyssey was built after the 30, and differs in displacement (at least 1,000 lbs heavier), ballast (lead, more of it), and cabintop (more like a Cape Dory 30).

At least one has circumnavigated (Ben Wells on Dawntreader), and others have cruised the pacific and beyond. In fact, of the four sisterships we've come across, all have cruised internationally. Not a bad portion of such a small fleet (under 20 built).

There isn't much information out there about these boats, so I've posted scans of what documentation I found below. If you have more information on the boat or sisterships I'd love to hear about it.
'How Three Bay Area men built a 30 foot yawl from scratch' - pdf describing the genesis of the boat and how it was built.
H&L Marine Spec Sheet - spec sheet I found in the boat.